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Haris Pallas is the owner of Artboy Studio.

He is an experienced cinematographer and steadicam operator based in Thessaloniki, Greece and working worldwide.

His has 15 years of experience in the field of cinema, TV and other kinds of moving imaging.

His footage has been multi-awarded through films, documentaries, dance & music videos.

Artboy Studio provides cinematography productions, steadicam services, audiovisual editing facilities, photography & green box studio.

Latest news:








Our dance movie "ΘΕ+ΙΚΟΣ / POSI+IVE" was officially selected by the film festival "Lift-Off Global Network Sessions"

and it will be presented at the competition section, through its Video On Demand platform on Vimeo.

There is a viewer fee, but also the capability to vote for the selection of the favourite movie of the audience.

Our movie will be available until 20 February 2023 and anyone who wants to view it, must follow the link bellow:


We are especially excited because for the first time, our movie will be available for viewing to the international public !!

🎥  🎞  🎬  

DF_Positive_2021_Poster_ENG _ SESSIONS 2023.jpg

Latest project:

2023 - TV Series - "On All Fours" by Ant1+  |  Steadicam operator

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